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Blocks on Media: Our Story

The story of Blocks on Media is my story of how I found alignment between my mission to help people, my strengths as a professional, and what the market needs in these turbulent times. I was inspired by the concept of Ikigai, where I spend days and weeks in a process of introspection and self awareness to finally find the “reason for being”.

Since I was a child I had a passion for Technology and new trends. I remember building my own Personal Computers with the best components, and researching for weeks before purchasing a mobile phone, laptop, software or game. I started my career in the Database Marketing field, where I quickly learned the intersection between Technology and Marketing.

These days, after 20 years, Technology and Marketing are closely interconnected. From Email Lists to Automation, from Big Data to Software as a Service; from Content Creation Platforms to Artificial Intelligence; and from Web User Experiences to Augmented Reality.

I felt that I needed to build a business around Technology and Marketing, but I was still not sure about my niche and audience. There were so many industries and niches that I felt overwhelmed. I went back to my self awareness process, and reflected on my previous corporate life and Freelance work. I have helped large companies, small businesses, Startups, Not-for-profits and Independent Entrepreneurs.

My thought process continued when I realized that there were a few topics where I have a lot of knowledge and professional interest: Financial Inclusion, Digital Art and Entrepreneurship. But, there was one more angle pending!. What these brands need, and how can I help them?

Then 2020 and the Pandemic came, with all its business and personal consequences, like remote working, isolation, inflation, resignations, and challenging times for Startups, Small companies and entrepreneurs to commence, reinvent or recover their business. They needed help, and I was the right person to help them. I had found the Purpose of Blocks on Media

I wanted to help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in the Tech Industry, to achieve their business goals in these challenging times, and especially support new Tech Startups with inspiring dreams, solid ideas and amazing teams, that were needing a compelling Digital Strategy to build their brands, attract customers and convert sales.

When identifying my niche, I also took into account my 20-year experience in Financial Services, my 5-year experience in Fintech and Crypto, and my long-time passion for Technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Blocks on Media was born in June 2021 with the main goal of helping Technology Startups, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, developing use cases in Financial Services, Education and Arts. That includes Fintech and EdTech companies, Crypto and Digital Art Projects, and any initiatives related to Non-Fungible Tokens, Decentralized Finance, Crypto Gaming, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Although Blocks on Media can support its target globally, I have a long experience working for the Canadian and Latin American markets, and a huge passion to see these markets grow, evolve and succeed, to become the innovation hubs for Technology and Entrepreneurship. Now that you know our Story and Purpose, would you like to work together in crafting your story and reaching your goals? 😊

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