Digital Strategy

We will perform a full audit of your current digital presence and systems, complemented with research and competitive analysis.

We will deliver a custom-made strategic plan covering Brand, Audience, Platforms, Metrics, Ads, Sales, among oher topics

The execution is not included


Brand Identity

We will define your Brand Strategy, with your Brand Purpose, Vision, Values, Target Audience, Personality, Voice, among other components.

We will materialize this strategy, by delivering a logo in multiple formats, brand guidelines, social templates, among other brand assets


UX / Web Design

We will design and implement the User Experience, as a pillar for your digital presence, which is key to direct any traffic, build your brand, and generate leads.

Depending on the scope of the project, we will deliver a one-page website, five-page website, a Blog, Landing Pages, or even a full Marketing and Sales Funnel


Content Strategy

We will design your content strategy, using the best performing media and platforms for your target audience.

We will deliver a content calendar and multiple content assets, in various formats, including video, images, audiograms, social snippets, text articles, and even digital art.

It does not include publishing the content in your Blog or Social Media


Social Media

We will design and execute your social media calendar for platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

We will create, schedule, publish and measure all social posts, delivering reports and feedback for areas of opportunity.

It does not include Community Management or Advanced design.



We will design your Advertising strategy selecting the best performing platforms, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, according to your target audience and budget.

We will deliver an Advertising Calendar, Copywriting for the Ads, Ad Platform Management, and analytics.

It does not include the Ad Budget.



We will define the metrics that you need to know to measure your digital strategy and execution, including Web, Social, Ads, among others.

We will deliver reports and dashboards,  providing feedback to enhance your results, based on competitive analysis, market research, consumer behavior and business sales.


Fractional CMO

Our most exclusive service, targeted to companies that have already Marketing Staff but lacks a Senior Executive to guide them.

Our CEO will be your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) part-time, defining and executing your Digital Strategy, while leading and coaching your Marketing Team remotely, and working together with other areas.

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